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Original TrakkRats

We at TrakkRats are hands on and always look forward to helping fellow racers.

Who we are

TrakkRats was founded by guys who are probably a lot like you. We had more desire to go racing than we had money. But, we wanted to win and we wanted to do the best we could with what we had. 

This shot at the Palm Springs Vintage races shows our Founder's Vette involved in a little schoolin'....

We did most of our own work for two important reasons. The first was simply that we loved getting into the middle of the work and weren't afraid of the cuts and the grease. The second was we couldn't afford to have someone else do it for us.  And, you know, even if we could afford it, we'd probably still do it ourselves because we wanted it done RIGHT and we cared enough to keep working on it until it was done right. 

We built stuff. We fix stuff. We love being in the middle of a project.

TrakkRats is devoted to gearheads that like having their hands on the metal and don't have NASCAR budgets. 

We are small and may always be small, but we will keep adding products for race car setup and trying to help you as much as we can.