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Tow Gauge Bar for use w/ Tire Scribe

Tow Gauge Bar for use w/ Tire Scribe

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This Toe Gauge Bar is for use with the Tire Scribe and is normally used by racecars running slicks.  This is a really fast and accurate way to set the toe in/out on your racecar. We manufacture these at the same or higher quality than all the big name-brand DIY alignment tools, but at a reasonable price. Compare the quality and price point of our toe gauge bar to the competition, and you'll see who finishes first! 

It breaks down for storage and transport. 

Measurement scales in both SAE and Metric, so roundy rounders and guys that turn both ways can use them!  

You will need a tire scribe, but we sell a really nice one!  

UPS ground shipping the continental US is $45. MADE IN THE USA

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