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Toe Plates w/ Magnets

Toe Plates w/ Magnets

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These aluminum toe plates are the quickest and simplest way to measure toe on your racecar. We manufacture these at the same or higher quality than all the big name-brand DIY alignment tools, but at a reasonable price. Compare the quality and price point of our toe plates to the competition, and you'll see who finishes first! 

The kickout at the bottom holds the plate flat against the tire. All you need is to measure at the front and the rear and do the math! 

We don't include tapes because we assume you already have some and don't need any more. But, we do attach small magnets to each plate to help keep the tape in place.    

If you don't have tapes and are going to purchase some. They can be very inexpensive, but while you are at the store take a couple and run them out six feet or so to be sure they are exactly the same readings. After switching a couple, you should be able to find a couple that are exactly the same. That makes life very easy!  

UPS ground shipping the continental US is $18. MADE IN THE USA

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