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Roll Off Leveling Pads for 2.5" Scales - Complete Set of 4

Roll Off Leveling Pads for 2.5" Scales - Complete Set of 4

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🏎️ TrakkRat's Pro-Level Racing Scale Leveling Pads: Engineered for Precision 🛠️

Simplified Engineering for Optimal Performance: These leveling pads are specifically designed for 2.5" racing scales and feature a roll-off section, crucial for post-adjustment stabilization. This design while common is pivotal in minimizing suspension binding, ensuring accurate and reliable measurements vital for competitive racing.

Precision Fit for Pros and Enthusiasts Alike: Perfectly accommodating 15" x 15" scales, our leveling pads are versatile enough to support a wide array of racing vehicles, from lightweight Legends cars to full-spec NASCAR machines. This universal compatibility is essential for diverse team fleets, or your everyday SPEC or HPDE car. 

Constructed for a Competitive Edge: Constructed with premium materials, our pads use robust extruded square tube as the chassis, to meet the intense demands of professional racing environments. Everything from our heavy duty 3/16" aluminum sheet, to the leveling feet themselves are built to last, unlike other "name brand" competitors. We've engineered a kit that lasts, and we expect our customers to put them to the test! 

Proudly American Made: Our commitment to quality extends to our manufacturing ethos. Made in the USA, these leveling pads are a testament to superior American engineering and craftsmanship, aligning with the standards of professional racing teams.

And, YES, that is for a set of FOUR. Not to mention our roll off levelers are  proudly MADE IN THE USA!  

Check out this cool video by Nathan Garrett:

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