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TrakkTape 6" x 100' Temporary Track Day Paint Protection

TrakkTape 6" x 100' Temporary Track Day Paint Protection

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🏁 TrakkTape: The Pioneer in Track Day Paint Protection 🛡️

Leading the Pack Since 2007: TrakkTape isn't just another track tape; it's the original. Crafted for the rigors of the track, our 5 mil thick tape offers unmatched toughness and ease of application, ensuring your vehicle's paint remains pristine.

Cost-Effective, Long-Lasting Protection: Why settle for less? TrakkTape stands out as the most economical choice for track day enthusiasts. Safe for use up to two weeks without daily reapplication - unlike other brands, we've got your car covered longer for less.

A Decade of Trust and Innovation: With nearly a decade on the track, TrakkTape has a legacy of protecting cars and pleasing drivers. Our extensive experience is backed by a wealth of positive feedback and continuous product refinement.

Ready to Roll, Right Out of the Box: Every TrakkTape roll includes a handy applicator and razor knife, plus detailed instructions for a flawless application. We make it easy to protect your pride and joy.

Choose the Original, Choose TrakkTape: When it comes to protecting your vehicle on track days, don't compromise. Trust the original, trust TrakkTape – imitators and counterfeits have emerged, but there's only one TrakkTape. Proudly made in the USA, our quality stands out. Be cautious of products claiming to be TrakkTape from elsewhere – accept no substitutes!

Questions? Give us a call at 513-205-5341.

Have more questions? Visit our TrakkTape FAQ page

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