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"Perfect 10" Disposable Mechanic's Gloves

"Perfect 10" Disposable Mechanic's Gloves

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The only 10 mil disposable mechanic's glove on the market!

After hundreds of dollars in paper towels and rags, like most enthusiasts we turned to less expensive disposable gloves to provide grip and keep their hands clean. But even the “pro level” nitrile gloves are hard to put on and often times break at the slightest scratch. Look familiar? 

After looking just about everywhere for a better disposable mechanic's glove, we realized there was nothing that quite met the mark! So partnered with a manufacturer to develop our own exclusive glove called the “Perfect 10.” 

At a strong but still flexible 10 mils they are the perfect thickness, balancing strength and dexterity: no more changing gloves 3-4 times during a job! What’s more, Perfect 10 gloves have a tacky outside finish but smooth, powder-free inside finish so they slide on easy without snapping the cuff.


In our testing, “Perfect 10” gloves break 70% less often than other “non-tear” brands! 

100 count per box

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