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"Double Trouble" Dual Layer Disposable Mechanic's Gloves

"Double Trouble" Dual Layer Disposable Mechanic's Gloves

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For greasy, grimy jobs where protection and grip are a must. Each layer is 8 mils thick! 

Much like how our “Perfect 10” gloves were developed, we discovered that for some jobs your standard disposable gloves just won’t do. That’s how Double Trouble Extreme Grip Gloves were born! No more easily torn "mechanic's gloves." 

Competitor's glove:

Also developed in-house by TrakkRats, Double Trouble gloves are DUAL-layer, with cuffs that extend 6" to help keep messy oil changes from running down your arms, as well as added protection for the occasional "warm" oil filter, extra greasy suspension, transmission, or engine jobs. They're great for degreasing parts too!

EACH layer of these gloves is 8 mils thick and has a textured outside layer for better grip on really greasy or oily parts. Plus, like all TrakkRats gloves, the inside layer of our gloves are manufactured to be extra smooth so they're easy to put on without snapping the cuff. 

Our favorite gloves for oil changes and parts washing! 

100 count per box

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