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TrakkRatstm,  introduces our roll off leveling pads 
for use with racing scales!!
* Roll off to release side bind when setting suspension
* Six heavy duty swivel feet for leveling 
* Formed aluminum construction
* Four wheel stops for maximum safety

Have you priced a set of roll off levelers to go with the great deal you just got on a set of used scales??  OUCH! Normally, they are about $900 or more a set. 

Well, no more. With absolutely no compromise on bearing capacity or quality of workmanship, 
TrakkRatstm is now offering these roll off levelers in either 2.5" or 4" depths for
$500 a set!
(shipping in continental US is $87)

Putting your street car on track??
You can't get the BEST track day protection without using the BEST track ta

Are you tired of the Blue Tape Blues? 

If you are looking for track tape and 
the best temporary paint protection available, 
get TrakkTape today!

TrakkTapetm is designed for protecting finished surfaces, 
so it is easy to apply and removes with no residue.

Its 5 mil thickness (Starshield is 8 mil) is perfect for track day protection, 
especially when compared to other products in use. 

Sold in larger sizes, it is only slightly more costly than blue tape and far more 
economical than any other comparable clear vinyl based protection.

Properly applied, it is virtually invisible in track day photography.

(TrakkTapetm is recommended only for factory applied paint.
Aftermarket paint can vary greatly and may not be compatible with TrakkTapetm.)

TrakkTapetm is now available in 3" x 100', 6" x 100' and 6" x 600' rolls.

The Lotus Elise above is our primary test vehicle for TrakkTapetm.
This photo was taken after a long day at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. 
We just left it on for a week and then did two more days at Big Willow. 

If there are bits of TrakkTapetm showing in a photo, they are fairly easy to Photoshop out. 
It's pretty tough to make blue tape go away!

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