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Technical Info

Cornerweighing your Racecar


Whether you are an oval track racer or a road racer, setting the cornerweights of your car is an essential process. Most winners will end up checking theirs four or five times over a race weekend. (coming soon)

Chassis Tuning Cheat Sheet


Download our Chassis Tuning Cheat Sheet for a handy short form troubleshooting  tool that is great to take to the track. 

This takes a lot of the guesswork out of final on track setup. 

Lotus Alignment Specifications


One of TrakkRat's founders runs a Lotus Elise on track quite a bit. He does all of his own setup and alignment. These are some settings that might be useful if you run a similar car. 

Alignment Task Progression


When you are doing a complete alignment and cornerweighting, there is a proper order of tasks as there is considerable interaction between the elements being adjusted. This is our suggestion of a good progression of tasks. 

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Lotus Cup car at Buttonwillow. Eric Marston, driver on right and Allen Irwin, Mechanical Wizard.

There is nothing more fun than helping a buddy get his car working great and then going out and beating him. Oddly, if you keep giving him help till he beats you, that's pretty cool, too!

Let us know if you have tips to share. 

Here will be FAQ's for all to see!


We'll try to help 

figger it out!

Got a pal ready for his first track day? GASP!


There are few greater pleasures, in life, than being a bad influence on someone, so come on, help get your buddy started. What's the worst that could happen?? Click the photo for more from our sister company, TrakkTape. 


Chassis Setup Cheat Sheet 1.11.20 (pdf)


Alignment Progression of Tasks 1.11.20 (pdf)


Alignment Specs Lotus Elise (pdf)