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faq's and tech tips

Some of the items below may seem like easy stuff to you, but some of us need a little help!

We try to help as much as we can as we like to see more people coming into racing and learning cool stuff!

How do I get my car up on the scales, if I don't have ramps?

One way is to jack up one side of the car and put scales under that side. Then repeat on the other side. We also offer ramps and bridges to make life easier. Soon we will be offering full alignment platens for the ultimate setup. 

What if I don't have roll off levelers, can I still level my scales?

Almost anywhere you try to set up scales, the floor will not be perfectly level. One way to get it level is to use vinyl flooring tiles and a water level made from 1/4" or so flexible tubing. You can attach the tubing to jack stands and stick masking tape on the side with dimensions to the bottom of the stands. 

What's in the pipeline?

We are working on a couple of versions of alignment platens. One will work with the roll off levelers that we have been selling for years. The other will be a complete integrated unit with ramps, levelers and bridging units all connected.   

We have a fantastic new tool for measuring alignment when stringing a car. It also works with lazers, but is actually more accurate with string. Accuracy to 0.5mm is easy. 

 Feel free to contact us with suggestions on what you would like to see. We are fabricators, so keep that in mind. So far, we are high quality and low tech, with the right pricing. 

This is where we will be adding more question from our customers on all topics.